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    Top 5 support season 4

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    Top 5 support season 4  Empty Top 5 support season 4

    Post by ZED ftw on Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:46 am

    My TOP 5 Supports for season 4

    1- Annie Every 4 spell casts her next spell stuns is very annoying and with her abillity power she can make a lot of dmg in the bot lane

    Annie is very good in lane with vayne ,jinx ,lucian

    2- Thresh is a hero with a lot of combos you can easily dominate bot lane
       ( your soul is mine )
      Thresh is good with ashe, corki , ezreal

    3- Leona is a tanky support with strong (cc)
        (back off diana Im op)
       Leona is good with Quinn ,Jinx , Cait ,Miss Fortune

    4 - Lulu  this little girl with her mobility is  allowing her for ganks or wards depending on her build.
       (its Whipsy time !!!! )

    5 - Janna I love Monsoon is one of the best counters to a team with multiple AoE ultimates/abilities as it will knock enemies back, preventing initiation, canceling channeled spells, and healing your team.
        (Run like a wind )

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