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    League of Legends new Champion skills!!

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    League of Legends new Champion skills!! Empty League of Legends new Champion skills!!

    Post by Mits Lee on Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:54 pm

    Morello, Riot's designer, shared information about the name and skins of the new Champion in League of Legends that were not previously known.

    The Skills of the new AP champion are:

    Passive: Ignore unit collision, and the magic penetration of the champion will be increased according to the health he/she loses.

    Skill 1: Release a beam of shock wave and it will spread and form a wall and leave the Void Wall lasting for one second at the end of the spell range or when you cast it next time. All units touching the wall will be stunned for a short period.

    Skill 2: Throw a chain in the straight line direction, damaging all units hit by the chain and adding a slow effect. The closer the unit is to the chain, the more obvious slow effect he will receive. When the chain reaches its range, it will be pinned to the ground for a short period during which the champion can move. The chain will stop its motion after hitting Dream of the Wall, pinning and extending the duration of the wall. Skill 2 can be activated again, and you can use the chain to pull yourself to the wall.

    Skill 3: Take the champion as the center, and he/she pulls the chain, knocking back enemy units in a small scale and damaging them. If the chain has been pinned to the ground, the attack area will be the round area with the champion as the center and the pinning location of the chain as the radius. If the chain is pinned to the wall, it will move along with the wall, all enemy units touching the wall will be stunned again.

    Skill 4: Cast his/her power of void to a large area near him/her, and create the void area, damaging all units touching power of void. The closer the enemy is to the champion, the more damage he will receive. The champion can deal more damage when he/she stands in the area.

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