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    Official Champions changes season 4

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    Official Champions changes season 4  Empty Official Champions changes season 4

    Post by Mits Lee on Thu Jan 09, 2014 6:22 pm

    Designer of RIOT recently gave the following information about changes in the skills of heroes.

    Shaco's passive will change.

    Galio is a great hero with good lane ability and suitable for group battles, however it was not popular in S3. Riot found that despite the Slow, the Taunt and Shield was not strong enough. Can only support, so They will try to change it somehow.

    Despite the nerf Taric remains strong.The short cooldown times make him more suitable for carry instead of support.RIOT decided to cut the CD reduction from two seconds in one sec, and They will improve some other skills to compensate.

    Kog Maw was lousy in S3,so RIOT decided to improve the E to increase the possibility of escape and also the effectiveness in hunting opponents.

    Poppy : improve early game properties and turn down those of the late game.

    Nocturne : Riot will change W and remake E to make him more competitive in S4

    Tristana changes in Q to make her more balanced early and late game.

    Zyra passive : change in how to enable it and increase range to make it better.

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