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    Punishment for boosting 2014

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    Punishment for boosting 2014  Empty Punishment for boosting 2014

    Post by Mits Lee on Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:27 am

    MMR Boosting has been and continues to be one of Riot primary investigation points throughout the year.Someone can be tagged as a booster simply by playing ranked games on a friend or family member’s account

    Punishments for the 2014 Season will be the same as they were for Season 3.

    A 2 week suspension on all involved accounts

    The removal of all previous Season Content (Seasons 1, 2, and 3)

    Ineligibility for any and all current Season Rewards

    Permanent Suspension for repeat offenders (this will include any players who have been punished in previous Seasons)

    Near the end of the Season 3 we began to receive multiple reports of Team Boosting. Due to these reports we ended up punishing 19 challenger and diamond teams in Season 3. We identify team boosting as:

    Win Trading
    A fellow team member playing ranked team games on the account of another team member.
    A third party playing ranked team games in order to help their client achieve the requirements to obtain their team’s ranked rewards

    Since Team Boosting not only affects the rewards and standings of the boosted player but the ranking of the team, we will be issuing the following punishments and taking the following steps in instances of team boosting:

    MMR Boosting punishments for the Booster and the Boostee
    Disbanding of the Team(s) involved in the Boosting

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